Billy Bunter's Bargain (Billy Bunter, Book 22)

Billy Bunter's Bargain (Billy Bunter, Book 22)

Frank Richards

Language: English

Pages: 204

ISBN: B00141PB9O

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Another Billy Bunter adventure at Greyfriars school.

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glance. The wrecked bike he had abandoned had afforded no clue. It had been identified as a machine 'pinched' several days before at Friardale, no doubt in readiness for the raid at Courtfield. Likely enough, he had abandoned Harry Wharton's bike in its turn, once he had made good his escape. If so, it had not yet been found. It was not a light matter for a schoolboy to lose his bicycle: and Harry could not help it weighing somewhat on his mind. 'That smudge!' grunted Johnny Bull, with a

armchair.' 'Oh!' exclaimed all the Co. together. 'Oh!' gasped Billy Bunter. He realised that the chocs were not in the picture. It was not that. It was the trifling circumstance that he had omitted to pay for that bargain in armchairs— a very trifling circumstance that Billy Bunter had almost forgotten by this time. 'You see, I met old Joyce in Friardale Lane,' explained Bob, calming down a little. 'He asked me to remind Master Bunter that he hadn't sent the pound yet. He got that bargain

and fix a glare of concentrated exasperation on the fat face in the doorway. 'You fat, frabjous, footling frump, roll away and don't bother! I've got to get through this impot for Quelch before I can get out, and we shall be late at Cliff House anyway. Now shut up.' He dropped his eyes to his impot again, and his pen raced on. Having started at 'Contieuere omnes' he had to arrive at 'donee Calehante ministro' before he could lay down his pen. So far he was only at 'Timeo Danaos' . More than

'The beatfulness is preposterous.' Harry Wharton shook his head. 'Can't make head or tail of it,' he said. 'What would any Greyfriars man want to be rooting about the studies for in the middle of the night? It wasn't Bunter after tuck, I suppose?' The Bounder laughed. 'No, it wasn't Bunter after tuck, he was snoring in bed when I got back to the dorm. But who was it, and what was his game?' 'I give that one up,' said Bob. 'Well, there it is!' said Vernon-Smith. 'Some fellow was rooting

friends. On the present occasion, Johnny made that remark after a long reflective silence, during which four other fellows had been talking. It was rather like Johnny to retire into his shell, so to speak, and think while others talked. But why he now remarked that he had 'told them so' was somewhat of a puzzle to the Co. They had no recollection of anything in particular that Johnny had told them. The Famous Five were in No. 1 Study, at tea after the return of four members of the Co. from

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